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Support | KDB Healthcare

Backup & Support

We have a fully equipped technical department serves to perform installations, maintenance service and repairs on the equipment that we distribute . Our technicians are trained by our principals on all the equipment distributed and sold by KDB Healthcare to be able to provide professional support.

A range of spares for current and obsolete models are carried in stock for the eventuality that they are needed to repair your machine.

Product Warranty

Heine products 5 year warranty. Mindray products have a 1 year warranty and 3 year warranty on certain machines.

Many of our products carry a one year warranty. Some of our suppliers can extend warranty for an extra fee on purchase of equipment.

Contact our technical department for more information, terms and conditions.

Service Contracts

We offer service contracts to customers that purchase equipment from us. We have different options on service contracts which include spare parts, maintenance service and repairs.

Quality First

This is a lifetime warranty for AGFA printers purchased from KDB Healthcare. If you sign on to quality first you are guaranteed free spares for the lifetime of the AGFA printer (under normal warranty).

For more information on our technical service and support;

Whatsapp +263 77 228 0709


KDB Healthcare offers a wide range of products, Below are some of the brands we offer.