KDB Healthcare places great emphasis on quality which is one of the cornerstones of our business.

Our Quality Policy places emphasis on our suppliers and our own personnel and is implemented as follows :

  • We exercise strong preference for foreign suppliers who have defined and traceable quality policies and procedures such as ISO9000
  • We exercise strong preference for suppliers who deal with us on an exclusive basis promoting commitment from both sides and ensuring better quality service.
  • Suppliers who supply poor quality goods more than once shall be blacklisted as will suppliers who repeatedly delay deliveries.
  • KDB representatives will personally meet with all major suppliers at least once every five years and, wherever possible, visit the actual premises of the suppliers to assess quality, capacity and ability
  • KDB will negotiate with suppliers to ensure that we receive adequate test equipment and training to service electrical and medical equipment. Also to ensure we have access to all required manuals, trainings and software updates for equipment we supply.
  • KDB will invest annually in training for technical personnel
  • KDB will ensure that, where available, our staff attend online trainings and have access to online resources and information to discharge service and sales responsibilities
  • KDB employs a dedicated person for logging service calls and complaints and scheduling workshop jobs; contact +263 77 228 0709, technical@kdb.co.zw;- customers logging jobs through this email/telephone shall have a traceable service communication history.
  • Where products (gloves, pharmaceuticals etc) legally require registration or licensing by any local authority such as the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe, Health Professions Authority Radiation Protection Authority of Zimbabwe, etc, we ensure we only supply registered products and will maintain traceable documentation to this effect for seven (7) years
  • KDB inspects all incoming goods for defects and notifies suppliers directly. Any outgoing goods which are reported with defects within seven (7) days are investigated and deficiencies are rectified in the shortest possible time at KDB’s discretion by refund, replacement or repair and as governed by KDB conditions of sale.

For more information on our technical service and support;
Whatsapp +263 77 228 0709       Email : technical@kdb.co.zw


KDB Healthcare offers a wide range of products, Below are some of the brands we offer.